The development of the Crocolock smart lock is executed in the following supported project:

BLOCK – development of a self-sustaining, IoT, electrically operated smart lock prototype

Project ID: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00708
Beneficiary: Ignis Computer Ltd.
Amount of non-refundable grant: 114 658 000 HUF
Intensity rate: 62.07%

The objective of the project is to create an electrically controlled lock, which can be easily connected to SmartHome systems, has no need for external power supply, yet it can provide a solution for keyless homes. The invention retrieves the energy necessary for its operation from solar cells. The smart lock can replace original locks, besides it can be opened or closed remotely. The activating device can be a smartphone or smart watch. In addition to the product, an application is developed for setting user permissions. The project includes the development of a keypad with photovoltaic charging, communicating with the application via a Bluetooth gateway. Therefore, the product is capable for wireless communication, while it provides continuous power supply due to its photovoltaic cells.

The product developed in the frame of the project bears multiple novelties and technical developments, enabling the use of SmartHome systems not only safe but also environmentally aware.

The expected end date of the project: 2020.02.28.

Public publication on the results of the project